Certified Empathy and Resilience Coach (CERC)

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The Certified Professional Coach course must be completed prior to enrolling in this course.

This curriculum aims to provide a comprehensive and practical approach to becoming a skilled Certified Empathy and Resilience Coach, with a focus on experiential learning and real-world application.

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Empathy and Resilience Education and certification.

MODULE 1: Education on Empathy and Resilience 

1. Introduction to Empathy and Resilience 

  • Definition and importance
  • Overview of the curriculum

2. Foundations of Empathy 

  • Understanding empathy: cognitive, emotional, and compassionate aspects
  • Barriers to empathy and how to overcome them

3. Psychology of Resilience 

  • Components of resilience: mental, emotional, physical
  • Strategies for building resilience

4. Empathy in Practice 

  • Empathetic listening skills
  • Role-playing exercises

5. Resilience in Challenging Situations 

  • Case studies and discussion
  • Stress management and coping strategies

6. Integration of Empathy and Resilience 

  • How empathy supports resilience
  • Practical exercises for integrating both skills

    MODULE 2: Coaching Education 

    1. Coaching Principles and Ethics 

    • Core coaching competencies
    • Ethical guidelines and professional standards

    2. Effective Coaching Techniques 

    • Questioning and active listening
    • Goal setting and accountability strategies

    Supplementary Materials and Activities:

    • Reading materials and resources for deeper understanding
    • Reflective journaling assignments
    • Peer coaching sessions for practice and feedback
    • Online forum for ongoing discussion and support

    Assessment and Certification:

    • Ongoing assessment through participation and assignments
    • Final assessment (practical demonstration)
    • Certification upon successful completion


    Upon completing the BCA Coach Training Program, students will have the skills and knowledge to become effective, empathetic, and ethically responsible certified coaches. They will receive a certification as a Certified Empathy and Resilience Coach (CERC), which recognizes their proficiency in coaching.

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    Meet Your Instructor 

    Dwayne L. Buckingham, Ph.D., LCSW-C, BCD

    As a decorated retired veteran, life-long learner and ICF Association Certified Coach (ACC) with over 15 years of coaching experience and 25 years of experience as a board-certified and licensed clinical psychotherapist, Dr. Buckingham has empowered and transformed the lives of more than 40,000 persons worldwide.
    He has 22 years of active duty experience and brings a wealth of real-world knowledge. He isn’t just providing theoretical understanding; he is offering insights from two powerful human psychology and behavior realms and wisdom gained from coaching hundreds of individuals worldwide.
    Becoming a certified coach was one of the most rewarding accomplishments Dr. Buckingham has achieved on his journey toward reaching his full potential.
    In addition to being a certified coach, Dr. Buckingham is also a certified facilitator of the Arbinger Institute’s Outward Mindset Leadership Model and Stephen Covey’s Leading in the Speed Trust curriculum.