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Passion to Print: How to Publish a Book in 30 Days That Transforms Live and Produces Indefinite Passive-income

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Are you passionate about reaching hundreds of individuals and providing them with written guidance that will help them see options that they have never imagined? Would you like to motivate clients through story-sharing and produce indefinite passive-income without leaving your office?

On a regular basis, I am approached by hundreds of inspiring social worker and counselor authors who ask, “What does it take to transfer my passion to print?” Many of them express a desire to publish a book, but lack proper knowledge about the self-publishing process. With this in mind, I developed “Passion to Print” so that I can personally coach you on how I published 13 client-centered and money generating books.

By enrolling in this course, you’ll learn:


  1. The importance of writing a client-centered book
  2. How to write a client-centered book that transforms lives and sells
  3. How to write a book in 30-days
  4. How to produce indefinite passive-income.