The 2021 BASWC Virtual Conference is the premier business meeting for inspiring and established social workers and counselors who desire to launch vulnerable population focused businesses, accelerate profit growth and build 6 or 7 figure businesses. You’ll network with client-centered entrepreneurs and gain knowledge about promoting social injustice, modeling ethical business practices and enhancing client prosperity while also acquiring essential tools and resources needed to build and operate financially stable businesses that thrive in addressing social problems at micro, mezzo and macro levels.

The 1-day conference features industry experts from consulting, legal, human resources, marketing and accounting who will draw on their knowledge to help you develop and implement business practices that combat oppression, healthcare disparities and gender inequalities.

Through engaging workshops, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to serve clients’ needs above personal interest, generate additional revenue beyond private practice and group practice, and learn how to build financial prosperity.


Our passion for  providing population-focused coaching for African Americans, Military Members, Veterans and Women is rooted in our belief that empowerment is about creating conditions for individuals to win.

  •     Explain the importance of promoting social justice on behalf of clients
  •     List business structures and multiple strategies to reach and serve new clients
  •     Describe ethical considerations regarding various forms of payment for services
  •     Explain how to increase client access to care and business growth through group practice
  •     Articulate how to use Telemental Health to expand services to veterans and other vulnerable populations
  •     Identify consultative and training strategies for ensuring organizational responsibility to their clients and the emotional well-being of their employees


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