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Single Women’s Dating Group:

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Participate in a monthly mastermind group session and receive support and consultation from Dr. Buckingham and other like-minded entrepreneurs.

You’ll participate in brainstorming sessions, hot-seat execrises, innovation discussions and accountability circles.


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Build members will be given access to sign-up for the Empathy-Driven Leadership certification course before other BASWC members or external clients are given access to registration.

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Empathy Driven Leadership: A Proven Model for Enhancing Morale and Increasing Productivity

Upon completion of this 2-day certification course, participants may deliver the Empathy Driven Leadership workshop to organizations and keep 100% percent of the earnings.

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  • $75 Credit for Advisory Session with Dr. Buckingham
  • Wholesale pricing for All RHCS Products [$2000 Value]

An Introduction To Resilience Building: Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Building Personal Resilience in Service Members, African Americans & Veterans

Do you work with or have a desire to work with Service Members, African Americans or Veterans who struggle with...


An Introduction to Cognitive Processing Therapy: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Framework for Treating PTSD Among Traumatized Clients

Do you work have clients who struggle with overcoming adversity? Would you like to be better equipped to help them...


Service or Servitude: Understanding the Essence of Burnout and Work Dissatisfaction

Social Workers are known for their commitment to serving others. Most join the helping profession with one aim in mind…


Passion to Print: How to Publish a Book in 30 Days That Transforms Live and Produces Indefinite Passive-income

Are you passionate about reaching hundreds of individuals and providing them with written guidance that will help them see...


Overworked and Undercompensated: How Social Workers & Counselors Can Maximize their Financial Worth

With economic inflation and thousands of dollars in student loans, a large percentage of social workers and counselors are...


How to Become a Consultant and Accelerate Your Compensation

Would you like to control your time and activities? Do you have potential to...


7 Steps Social Workers and Counselors Must Take to Build Financial Prosperity

In this course, you will learn how to build financial prosperity while serving others...


Money Matters: Ethical Business Practices for Undercompensated Social Workers

Today, social work is known for its holistic approach to understanding and addressing social problems. Thousands of...


I Can’t Breathe: Understanding Cultural Trauma, Grief & Mourning Experienced by African Americans

This training is for anyone who would like to gain a deeper understanding of African American’s history...


Telemental Health: How to Increase Access to Care and Touch Lives Through the Use of Technology

Social workers have developed excellent reputations for helping people...


Social Work with Service Members, Veterans and African Americans: Evidenced-Based Treatments and Innovative Community Wellness Interventions

The military culture and African American...


Social Workers in Business: Serve Clients First, Challenge Social Injustices & Get Better Compensation

Many social workers struggle with building and operating client-centered and...


Planning to Succeed: Business Plan Development 101

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make when launching a business is failing to develop a business plan.


What is Entrepreneurship for Social Workers and Counselors?

In this introductory entrepreneurship course, you will gain a deeper understanding of invaluable entrepreneurial qualities.


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