Telemental health: Why Your Business Needs It to Be Successful?

Posted on Apr 10, 2020

By BASWC Academy

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Have you ever thought that technology was getting too out of hand? Turning the way we communicate into something that feels more disconnected than personal? It’s common to want to resist the changing landscape of how we live, work and communicate with the use of technology. We’ve grown comfortable keeping things the way they’ve always been and worked.

It’s really important that we consider the use of telemental health as an integral part of our work. Here are some factors of why you should consider telemental health in your business:

1. Convenience: More than ever people aren’t living in the same city where they work. This causes commutes to be long, frustrating and expensive. In today’s world convenience is king. Consider how many of your clients have long commutes or must obtain childcare coverage just to utilize your services. If your main objective is to lower the stress of your clients, consider how telehealth could aid in this way.

2. Access: People who live in rural areas know the challenge of connecting with high quality and specialized services like yours. Telehealth has the ability to remove many barriers of access due to location. Consider what this does for your business. Instead of only having a reach in your city, telehealth allows you to increase your business’s ability to gain many more clients.

3. Longevity: If we do not continue to evolve our business structure, we will soon be perceived as out of touch or obsolete. Our population continues to become younger. The younger the population served the more there are expectations of technologically advanced approaches to services provided. Let’s face it, no one wants to face the demise BlockBuster Videos did. The way we’ve always done it, just doesn’t suffice as a reason not to grow and change.

4. Safety: In a Covid-19 environment, safety becomes an even greater focus not only for our business but for our clients also. We have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for our clients. According to the CDC, telehealth is highly recommended during the pandemic. Many liability insurance programs are also recommending that in person sessions during the pandemic occur less often only when medically necessary, as incidents beyond these guidelines wouldn’t be covered.

You don’t have to transition to Telemental health alone. The Business Academy for Social Workers and Counselors is here to make the transition a seamless one. We’ve got the online courses that you need to be successful for in your business. Don’t miss this opportunity to succeed. Sign up today!

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